L'Atelier de Charlotte is a Spanish footwear brand based in London and Elda. A business run by women specialized in the creation and manufacturing of high-quality shoes. The ethos foundation of l' Atelier is based on contributing to the permeability of the local manufacturing businesses, as well as maintaining the long lasting tradition of shoe production.

Valérie and Charlotte, Mother and Daughter. Val has been in the business for more than 30 years now and Chacha was born in a shoe.

We make very funky shoes using bold colours and mixing a variety of fabrics and textures giving them a second chance.

We love travelling together and this is how we usually find inspiration. New Orleans is one of our favourite travel destinations, for its incredible music scene. Both of us are also very inspired by music, and that is the reason why all our styles are named after powerful women within the music industry.

Mama Val brings the knowledge and passion for fashion and Chacha her creativity and eagerness to support more sustainable fashion. Our shoes are all made from recycled leathers and fabrics. We reuse stock in order to avoid it going to waste.